ADD and Loving It!? – best documentary

Insightful, honest and very funny

There have been a few documentaries on ADHD produced over the years, but their format is usually worthy but depressing. The producers focus on cliché. We see naughty, hyper boys with ADHD, with a well meaning but often patronising tone. As adults with ADHD, we watch quite disconnected from the subject. The programme is not about us or our lives.

ADD and Loving It – is a fabulous documentary on adult ADHD. First shown on Canadian TV in September 2009. It stars comedian and actor Patrick McKenna and is written, starred-in, produced and directed by fellow comedian, Rick Green.

A warm, funny and optimistic documentary

It’s truly a warm, funny and optimistic documentary about adult ADHD. Patrick explores and explains ADHD from his journey to diagnosis, following his long term suspicions, to confirm he has ADHD. With loving humour he and his wife Janis discuss their challenges and struggles.

Patrick is direct in showing that ADHD is real, genetic, can destroy lives, and that adults with ADHD have a higher rate of accidents, addictions, suicide, bankruptcy, divorce, illegal drug use and financial problems. He is funny and authentic as he explores the three characteristics of ADHD – inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity.

This film is a perfect aid for anyone suspecting they may be ADHD, or to explain to a partner, parent or friend what it is like to have ADHD. Many of the best ADHD experts are interviewed including Stephen Kurtz, Kate Kelly, Edward Hallowell, Annick Vincent and Margaret Weiss.

No other film has come anywhere near as close – to capturing the humour, essence and truth of ADHD as this documentary.

The team has developed a large website with many great video clips called TotallyADD, a fantastic ADHD resource.

Insights on help for ADHD

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