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ADHD at work
Adults with ADHD are six times more likely to start their own business
ADHD at work
Fast and cheep, no boring waits to load!
ADHD at work
Keep an optimistic outlook, calm mind and a realistic perspective, grounded advice from the Dalai Lama
ADHD at work
Sticking to the program Interview with David Giwerc, President ADD Coaching Academy Andrew: Something becomes habitual after 40 days, is that right? It becomes easy because it becomes an automatic process? David: But habitual can also be negative. ADDers have a very difficult time embracing success because they’re not used to it. I work with a lot […]
ADHD at work
A TED talk on the experimentally confirmed results that confirm happiness brings us success. 
ADHD at work
It’s not easy finding the right job if ADHD. It's not money or status, but novelty, creativity and passion
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