ADHD business coaching

We focus on strengths, develop consistent routines, and optimise organisation 

Working outside

Improve performance

consistent performance

get most from management and staff

define work routine

Engaged at work

Pause & reflect

time on important not urgent taks

grow your business effectively

find a new job, start a new career

ADHD entrepreneur at work

Manage your time

find time, to plan your time

learn to pause, reflect on priorities

focus in the right direction

The Ying and Yang of ADHD

Many of the ADHD entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals that I coach don’t fit the usual company employee profile: multi-disciplined in skills, full of ideas, independent, not at ease being managed or managing others, always calm in a crisis. They help connect people and ideas, they problem-solve, create original things, take initiative and drive change. When ADHD strengths are in demand – inspiring teams, resolving issues, inventing systems, teaching, and persuading, delivering out-of-the-box solutions, providing independent perspectives, taking risks, designing and creating, pursuing efficiency, working under pressure, and focusing intently – work is great. When our ADHD weaknesses are exposed – easily interrupted, struggles with multitasking, distractions when deadlines are distant, mistakes in repetitive tasks and processes, ill-at-ease with management and rules, neglect of administration responsibilities, inattention to staff or personal assistants, spinning too many plates and indecision driven by perfectionism – work is a problem.

ADHD entrepreneur?

It seems that ADHD adults are far more likely to run their own business and to be an ADHD entrepreneur – six times more likely according to the Economist magazine. This is certainly true in my coaching, a very high number of entrepreneurs, struggling with process, planning, and execution. Here’s a great article on ADHD entrepreneurs in the Guardian. As your coach I become part of your virtual team, helping your new business grow.

ADHD business coaching

Coaching is increasingly recognised as invaluable in business – see more on why everyone needs a coach here. In our coaching sessions, you will set the agenda, the pace, and objectives. We might discuss managing a member of staff, developing your mentors, sorting out a healthier work/life balance, moving on to a new job or career, starting a new business, getting the best from an assistant. It’s constructive discussion, with agreed outcomes and follow-up. Coaching is a business expense too. Book a coaching evaluation call to see if I can help be more effective and successful at work.

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