Access to Work funding for ADHD coaching

Funding from UK government for six months ADHD coaching

What is Access to Work?

If you believe you have ADHD (you do not need a formal diagnosis but it does help), live in UK, are employed or run your own business you may be entitled to claim back funds for your ADHD business coaching.

The money comes from a government disability scheme known as Access to Work – A2W scheme. A2W provides practical advice and support to help you overcome work-related obstacles. It can award grants towards extra employment costs, like ADHD coaching that can help you develop effective work habits and routines to overcome your ADHD challenges.
There is no restriction based on your earnings
It doesn’t matter what job you have whether a doctor, entrepreneur or IT specialist…
Access to Work typically refunds you for six months of ADHD coaching
There is paperwork for you to do but not too much – we can’t help you here, sorry!
You need a documented medical ADHD diagnosis or to convince them your appraiser you have it
Coaching via your employer means disclosing your ADHD to them
If you are self-employed, a sole trader, or your employer has under 50 staff, A2W refunds 100%, over 50 staff A2W refunds 80%
It will probably take 3 to 6 months to set up your A2W package, queues grew during COVID

How to set it up

It is admin but pretty straight forward:

Access to Work How to Set It Up
  1. You contact Access to Work by calling: 0345 268 8489 or click
  2. They will ask you to obtain quotes from a few ADHD coaches
  3. Please book an evaluation call with me to discuss your requirements and I can then send you a proposal and quotation
  4. You (on behalf of your business) agree your support package with A2W to include ADHD coaching with SimplyWellbeing

A2W Coaching with SimplyWellbeing

Once you are set up with A2W we can get started
Your business/employer contracts with SimplyWellbeing for 3x fifty-minute sessions per month
Coaching is on the same day and time, for the first 3 weeks each month – no other format available such as tapered sessions sorry
SimplyWellbeing payment is in advance and monthly via recurring Stripe or standing order only
Your business claims back each month’s coaching fees, in arrears once the month’s coaching is completed
A2W requires that the coaching sessions be delivered within a fixed time frame – we cannot start earlier if you want the A2W refund
Access to Work Coaching diag with SimplyWellbeing

Good luck

Hope to speak with you soon!
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