ADHD coaching, education and insights

ADHD coaching, education and insights
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ADHD coaching, education and insights

with coach Andrew Lewis

Andrew Lewis, ADHD Coach

Hi, I am Andrew Lewis, full-time Adult ADHD Coach / ADD Coach, presenter, writer and director of SimplyWellbeing. I offer coaching for business professionals, creative types, business owners and entrepreneurs.

As the pandemic continues to affect the world, much has changed in all of our lives. My twelve years ADHD coaching experience – of helping hundreds of ADHD entrepreneurs and ADHD business people adjust to new situations, make tough decisions, and successfully transform their work and careers – is my strength. I have run my own business from home through this period and have helped many home working clients too – so let me help you survive and thrive through this time of dramatic change.

ADHD coaching is international and by phone. Most clients are here – in the UK. But I have coached ADD and ADHD clients from New York to Paris, Toronto, Riyadh, Grenada, Brussels, Dublin, Washington, Edinburgh, Split and Tokyo.  As long as times work out, we can coach.

SimplyWellbeing DNA BlossomI write and coach from the perspective of difference, not disorder. See my thoughts in What is ADHD? We can only develop from who we are – our genetic roots. The aim is not to “normalize” but to focus on sustainable solutions, on strengths and on what truly engages you.

Free (fully funded) coaching

Diagnosed ADHD adults in UK, whether employed or self-employed/sole trader, can claim back six months of coaching from Access to Work. Your business pays me in advance on my “business plan” and then your business claims back each month’s fees in arrears.

So book an evaluation call with me, complete the AtW application process and we can get coaching within a month or two.

ADHD insights

This site is packed with useful information for ADHD adults. There are articles on being successful with ADHD in business & in study. Some effective yet unexpected ADHD strategies and wellbeing tips. Helpful links, my 20 question “Are you ADHD?” test and posts on diagnosis, DSM5 criteria, support groups and my personal experiences with ADHD medications. There is even an ADHD store and some book reviews too!

Client stories

I feel like sending you flowers or something. Honestly I feel your solution-focused help is materially better and more impactful than even what therapists have said. People with ADHD are often not understood at all by people without it. I think you having it and (crude as it may be to admit) also being a rigorous rational intelligent and warm-hearted person means you really understand precisely what I need. I always benefit from our sessions! More client stories…

I have been working with Andrew for over two years. During this time I have experienced a substantial evolution in my approach to life, work and family. His coaching has helped me building my internal resilience when facing setbacks and exploring new ways to develop my creativity and inter-personal relationships. More client stories…

Your insight and understanding (depth of understanding!!) has had a huge impact on me feeling hopeful. It’s hard to admit certain bad habits, lifestyle problems to anyone in regards to our specific “make-up”. So to be able to do that and for you to be open with your experiences as a fellow ADDer is incredibly healing. More client stories…

Before I spoke to you, my life was chaotic, I was falling behind with my studying, the housework was piling up, everything felt precarious, as though the whole structure could collapse at any moment. The strategies you gave me have helped me to gain control and I am now starting to work out my own strategies. More client stories…

I worked with Andrew Lewis for over a year. During that time I raised my income, published several pieces of writing and built my self-confidence. I worked for it, but his help was a great support in realizing this potential. He can help you organize your life so that you are in a position to be creative and productive. More client stories…

Hi Andrew, I just wanted to get in touch to thank you for your coaching last year. I have managed to get on top of my anxieties at work, feel empowered to use my unique strengths at work and outside, and feel much closer to a simple wellbeing than before we spoke. I am doing fine, maybe this suggests you are too effective at your job for your own good! Seriously though thank you, I want you to know the series of calls was a life line and I am grateful. More client stories…

D.C., Health specialist

ADHD coaching by numbers

“I love being an ADD/ADHD Coach. To be a part, sometimes briefly, sometimes for years, of the lives of the many interesting, diverse, funny, talented ADD adults that I coach is a privilege.”

“I began coaching 12 years ago. I have coached over 300 ADHD clients, including at least 80 entrepreneurs, 5 lawyers, 5 ADHD specialist psychiatrists, at least 30 entertainers, 15 medical doctors, more than 40 university students, over 100 business professionals yet oddly only 1 professional hot air balloonist.”


Make sustainable improvements

Better Scheduling

We will work on finding the right time and right place to get important stuff done

Handle overwhelm better

With our “in the moment” brains, longer term objectives and tasks never seem to get done. You will spin fewer plates and make more progress

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Gain Confidence

Move past your struggles, determine your nature and what's important

ADHD difference not disorder

Low self-esteem comes from “failing to be normal”. Appreciate your strengths, redefine objectives and get better at being different.

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Plan your future

Reflect on and determine your goals, then work to define the steps to achieve them

Stop spinning so many plates

We focus on what matters, review, reflect, plan next steps and you make progress. Not sure what’s next? We can figure that out together too.

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Improve Health

Work with an expert to optimise meds, improve diet, choose supplements, get healthy

Sleep, diet and exercise matter

Bad sleep routines, ineffective meds and poor eating habits worsen memory and focus. Resolve healthy practical and sustainable habits.

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Help for adults around ADHD diagnosis

Check out some useful posts on ADHD diagnosis, medications, forums and support groups.

Adult ADHD coaching for business, home and life

ADHD affects everything about us: how we engage with and perceive the world, how we relate to others, how we think about our future and how we make decisions. So whether we focus on work, home, health, friends, goals, study, relationships or even the meaning of life – we coach with your ADD/ADHD differences in mind.

Some background

Fifteen years ago, I Wikipedia-diagnosed my ADHD. I’d always known I was different, and not all in a bad way! Impulsively I then sold my 50% share of our growing web-consulting business, to my relieved partner to end my twenty-year career in computing and software. My new career as an adult ADD/ADHD coach began as I started training with ADDCA.

Since 2006 I have been a full-time ADD / ADHD coach and have hosted several regular support groups and talks like: Tear & Share Support Group, ADHD Expert talks, ADHD Women’s Coaching Group in London. I even set up and ran an adult ADHD diagnostic clinic for while. There are some new talks and training materials  “Breaking it down – Self-coaching for ADHD” in development.