Interview on Hope

Here is a fascinating, insightful, informative and lengthy “Interview on Hope” with David Giwerc, President of the ADD Coaching Academy. In April 2010, I recorded our long phone interview and had it transcribed. The entire interview appears here, with only minor edits for clarity, broken into 14 parts.

David Giwerc is President of ADDCA, founded in 1998, the largest and most comprehensive training programme for ADHD Coaches Worldwide. He is a Master Certified Coach, with the ICF and has been coaching adults with ADHD for a decade, with a specific focus on entrepreneurs with ADHD. David was a big part of why I chose to train with ADDCA in 2008, to become ADHD Coach. David’s training has provided a great foundation for my coaching, these “Interview on Hope” posts contain some fantastic insights and advice.