American ADHD experts

USA leads the way

The early and subsequent research, therapies, medications and advice in ADHD has come from American doctors, psychiatrists, coaches and authors.

Thank you USA, I think it unlikely I would know I was ADHD without Wikipedia’s US developed content, the forums where I met other ADDers and the books written by American authors. This awareness did not come from the UK or British medical support, doctors, or psychiatrists. The NHS only formally accepted adult ADHD in 2009 and only by guideline, resources and implementation has been slow and poorly executed. Still in the UK in 2022 long waiting lists remain for diagnosis, titration of medications are frequently poorly managed.

It is thanks to the experts in the USA than so many people worldwide have been helped. The advanced insights, knowledge and research on ADHD has rapidly spread across the internet from the USA. In so doing American experts have relieved the suffering of hundreds of thousands (or more) of ADHD children and adults around the World.

In the USA with nearly 3 million adults diagnosed ADHD and 10 million children, there are many expert ADHD doctors and coaches to help. A few stand of my favourite American experts are:

ADHD medical specialists

Dr Daniel Amen is at the forefront of making diagnosis an objective science using SPECT brain scans. His Clinics use neuro-imaging to identify the six type of ADD, identified in his  book: “Healing ADD”. They create individualized treatment plans combining natural supplements, medications, dietary interventions and psychotherapy.

Dr Edward Hallowell a doctor with ADHD himself, he is a leading author of several books on ADHD such “Driven to Distraction” and “Superparenting for ADD”, that are warm and compassionate. He is a firm believer that ADHD brings positive as well as negative traits and that the key is to focus on the positive. This link is to his centres in the USA but has some useful information and a link to his blog.

Dr Thomas Brown elegantly redefines ADD not as a behavior problem as a difference in using executive functions in six area: Activation: organizing, estimating time, prioritizing and getting started. Focus: sustaining and shifting focus. Effort: regulating alertness, effort, and speed. Emotion: modulating emotions. Memory: working memory and recall. Action: monitoring and regulating self-action. A valuable and comprehensive site.

Dr Don Kerson is a specialist in the treatment of adults with ADHD and integrates psychotherapy with medication. His book, “Getting Unstuck: Unravelling the Knot of Depression, Attention, and Trauma”, presents the understandings and techniques gathered over his broad clinical experience. In his site he explains that deep relaxation, overcoming the effects of childhood trauma and helping the mind train the brain, help get unstuck.

ADHD coaches

  • Pete Quily, Adult ADHD Coach a great site by a coach in Canada packed with lots of positive information on ADHD. Pete lists 151 advantages to having ADD!
  • David Giwerc, President of the ADD Coaching Academy, where I trained to be a coach. David founded ADDCA in 1998, the largest training programme for ADHD Coaches worldwide. He is a Master Certified Coach, with the ICF and has been coaching adults with ADHD for a decade, with a specific focus on entrepreneurs with ADHD.
ADHD Coach, Andrew Lewis

Andrew Lewis

Andrew Lewis is an ADHD Coach, writer and founder of SimplyWellbeing. He has over 15,000 hours and 18 years of experience in coaching over 500 ADHD executives, ADHD business professionals and ADHD creatives. Andrew ran a major ADHD support group and an ADHD diagnostic clinic for a while. He is an ADHD specialist backed with business expertise from a twenty years career in software, from roles in programming, through marketing, sales and to running a few software start-ups. His ADHD insight is personal, with decades understanding his own ADHD experience and in bringing up his ADHD daughter. He has published his writing primarily via this website, with interactive ADHD courses in development.


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