Elon Musk ADHD-like moments

An amazing entrepreneur

I am always amazed and delighted by extraordinary entrepreneur, Elon Musk. >Musk's soaring intelligence; his Earth benefiting ambitions in solar energy, batteries and electric vehicles at Tesla; space exploration, mars colonisation, and satellite internet at SpaceX, tunnels and transport at The Boring Company; and brain-human interfaces for brain injry (maybe one day ADHD?) and AI interfacing at Neurolink; and his funny, maverick and quirky nature, fascinate me. He has stated he has Aspergers but I see a lot of ADHD traits in his nature too, quite common in people with extremely high intelligence. Musk's phenomenal work drive is inspiring, if beyond my personal comprehension. Here's a great place to learn more about him at Wait but Why.
ADHD Coach, Andrew Lewis

Andrew Lewis

Andrew Lewis is an ADHD Coach, writer and founder of SimplyWellbeing. He has over 15,000 hours and 18 years of experience in coaching over 500 ADHD executives, ADHD business professionals and ADHD creatives. Andrew ran a major ADHD support group and an ADHD diagnostic clinic for a while. He is an ADHD specialist backed with business expertise from a twenty years career in software, from roles in programming, through marketing, sales and to running a few software start-ups. His ADHD insight is personal, with decades understanding his own ADHD experience and in bringing up his ADHD daughter. He has published his writing primarily via this website, with interactive ADHD courses in development.


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ADHD at work
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ADHD at work
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ADHD at work
I am still waiting on robots to do the dishes and AI to do all of my admin
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