Three daily tasks for ADHD

Simplify priorities

Here is a simple alternative to all that, no diary, no todo list – just try these three tasks to remember. If you are like me, you may like this simple alternative. Try adding this technique  to an existing morning routine, as you drink your morning coffee or as start your commute to work. Think of three tasks for the day – one for you, one for “the man” and one for your future, each task needs to be achievable in the day, so break them down if you need to. In other words, complete a task:

  1. that needs doing e.g. pay a gas bill or book your car in for a service
  2. to move towards your goals e.g. plan a holiday or check new career prospects
  3. for you, a reward: e.g. call a friend or see a movie

Insights on ADHD strategies

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