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ADHD test – is this your experience?

Twenty ADHD questions

This ADD/ADHD test should help you determine whether you or someone you care about is ADHD:

  • Is it hard to plan ahead, organize and prioritize?
  • Are you frequently late?

  • Do you find big-pictures more interesting than details?

  • Do you drift off and daydream frequently?

  • Do you often find it hard to concentrate or get bored easily?

  • Are you more awake in the evenings and find it hard to fall asleep?

  • Is blurting, saying what’s on your mind without thinking, an issue for you?

  • Can you focus so deeply, that you don’t notice anything or anybody else?

  • Do you never get round to certain important activities: paperwork, tidying, planning?

  • Do you sometimes feel driven by a motor, or conversely feel stuck unable to take action?

  • Are you very intuitive, empathetic, creative, an unconventional thinker?

  • Do you often act impulsively and react quickly, without properly reflecting?

  • Have you been called or felt you are lazy – school always said “should try harder”?

  • Do you use diet coke, alcohol, coffee or drugs to “calm” your mind?

  • Have you “under-achieved” & not met goals, start new tasks before finishing old ones?

  • Are you easily distracted and drift off while reading or in conversation?

  • Is it hard to go through established channels and follow proper procedure?

  • Are you impatient: do you hate queues and drive fast?

  • Have you a family history of alcohol/drug addiction, anxiety or depression?

  • Are you forgetful, often losing or misplacing things, forgetting appointments?

Did you pass the ADHD test?

If you answer is yes to most of these questions, then you are highly likely ADHD.

To get a medical diagnosis you will need to see a doctor or similar specialist, see here for my guide to ADHD diagnosis in the UK.

To act on the advice and insight offered here, self-diagnosis is fine!

Learning as much as you can about ADHD really helps, start here with my neurological and experience-based perspective of ADHD, in What is ADHD?

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