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Looking forward to speaking with you


If you would like coaching for someone in your family, your partner or a friend, I can help. It is vital, however, that they want to coach, so:

  1. Please don’t book a call with me yourself, my time is really limited and I need to discuss coaching directly with my potential client
  2. On the call, we will see if we can successfully work together, potentially over many months or years
  3. If your relative/friend/partner can’t book the appointment and call me – then coaching won’t help. I help people figure out how to get to where they want to go, but I can’t provide the drive, sorry…
  4. If you would like to discuss your friend/relative’s situation with me, please email us, so we can arrange a fee-based phone consultation.

It’s easy to coach from outside the United Kingdom, I coach many international clients. We may have different backgrounds but we will probably have more in common, both being ADHD, than if we were neighbors! International calls are free with Skype/Hangouts/WhatsApp.  If calling me by phone, then make sure UK calls are cheap, +44 is UK international calling code.

  • Coaching hours are usual UK business hours and some early evenings (9am-6pm).
  • Select your Time Zone beneath the dates, when you book.
  • English only – I speak reasonably quickly in English and do find it hard to speak slowly, so good spoken English is necessary.

The best way to judge a coach is to speak with them. I’m ADHD, so I am no good at calling back or voice-mail.

Book a 50 minute, phone appointment with me below to discuss coaching. Don’t forget you call me at the confirmed time. You’ll receive a confirmation and reminder email a few hours before.

On the call, we will discuss your situation and the challenges you wish to overcome. I will feedback on whether I can help and explain the coaching process in more detail.

Note: Please help, my time is limited and this is a call to discuss your challenges and see if coaching will help, not free advice 

I look forward to speaking soon.