One Boy’s Struggle – Bryan Huttchinson

Book review

An ADHD autobiography

The first auto-biography of a “late-diagnosed” adult with ADHD. When I saw this book was available, I excitedly bought it direct from the USA, so I could read it immediately. I was at first pleased with the insights and some parallels to my life but ultimately disappointed that it was not a more engaging read. It failed to say much of what I had hoped would be said about the adult ADHD experience, but then no one seems to have written much about this.

However “One Boy’s Struggle” is unique in providing a first person insight into the heart and mind of a child/young man suffering from ADHD. Like attending a support group or meeting a fellow ADHD adult the book helps us to reflect upon and come to terms with our own life-long struggles and feelings of being misunderstood. Part of the book’s appeal is that it is not very professional and so feels quite authentic and true.

The book clearly shows that being strict with ADHD children does not work – it puts a strain on the parent-child relationships and can eventually traumatise the child. Perhaps the books greatest strength is in showing how late-diagnosed adults develop negative mindsets, low self-esteem and skewed perceptions about the world, from the lack of understanding and support they have received over the years. Huttchinson’s book remains a unique insight into ADHD and a worthwhile read.
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ADHD Coach, Andrew Lewis

Andrew Lewis

Andrew Lewis is an ADHD Coach, writer and founder of SimplyWellbeing. He has over ten thousand hours and fifteen years of experience in coaching ADHD executives, business professionals and creatives. His expertise with ADHD is personal, with decades of his own experience, bringing up an ADHD child, running a large support group and in coaching clients often for years He has published his writing via this website and has ADHD online courses in development. His business expertise comes from a twenty years career in software, from programming, through marketing, sales and running a few start-ups.

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