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Maybe it’s too many years of blue-screens, re-installations and virus software but Windows has long been a great thorn in my side. I have wasted too many hours of my life trying to get my PCs to work. I became converted to Chromebooks looking for a cheaper alternative to the cumbersome Windows laptops available.

I have an Asus that’s so fast, boots in seconds, though there is seldom a need to re-boot, I just shut the lid and it quietly sleeps. In fact it’s always quiet, it doesn’t need a fan. It doesn’t need any effort with viruses or fixes either, all these updates are downloaded quietly in the background.

It’s transforms a “my life has ended” moment into a “that’s a shame” moment. You need simply buy a replacement Chromebook or just log onto Chrome on any PC and you have all your applications, tools and precious data available.

But what about Photoshop etc

The only remaining Window’s applications (there’s always office online if you still feel loyal) that I continue to use on my old laptop, now turned desktop, is Photoshop and Audacity and I am nearly converted to on-line alternatives like Pixlr now. Don’t be fooled into buying a cheap Windows equivalent as the advantage of a Chromebook at this price is in speed, battery life and simplicity. If you can live in your browser and need something with a keyboard, you should check these inexpensive devices out.

Since I am ADHD, I hate waiting for anything and a slow PC is infuriating, needless re-installs drive me crazy!

The Chromebook is technology so good it blends into the background, perfect for someone who is easily distracted, impatient and who loves efficiency.

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