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Coaching thru the pandemic

We have tough times ahead. Many of us will have to change our work practices, whether to start to work from home or to change our business or work entirely.

This will be hard against a background of illness and perhaps despair. With help you can plan and move forwards to take the right actions, so that you may come through this momentous change, not unscathed – as few of us will – but wiser, stronger and still financially intact.

Working from home

Many adults with ADHD already run their own businesses as we are six time more likely to do this than normal, many of us run businesses from home – myself included. I have worked from home for over a decade and coached hundreds of ADHD adults to do the same. With ADHD we have some extra challenges, we’re more easily distracted, less organised and motivation is often a challenge. My decade long experience in helping adults with ADHD to put the right habits in place and to be effective at home will apply to you whether ADHD or not.

Running your own business

Much of work life will now be remote and by phone or video call. I have worked this way for over a decade and know the pitfalls and advantages. As part of your virtual team, we can work together to help you make effective decisions, review your plans and actions, to resolve work, health and relationship problems – to keep you positively moving forwards. As a long time entrepreneur and a coach to more than a hundred entrepreneurs, I can help you to keep working thru the pandemic even though your circumstances may be changing.

Preparedness and protection

I have been following the pandemic since January, when it was sadly quite clear to me that we would reach this exact point. I have followed the scientists, epidemiologists, financial analysts, health experts and forecasters. I have researched extensively on the right actions to take and where this will most likely all lead. I can share with you the best resources and information, we can look at the areas of planning and preparedness you may still need to take. We can review latest evidence-based guidance on prevention and health to help you and your family stay safe and help you be productive at home.


I’m not a therapist, but then we’re not focused on your past but on your present and your future. This is a tough time for everyone but we can honestly discuss your issues and concerns whether work, relationships, children or simply uncertainty and turn that into practical actions to help. We all have to get through these times together, keeping morale high, finding a work-life balance at home, managing the complexities of remote work and keeping relationships with friends, family, partners and children positive – living either apart or together for an extended period.

Book a call to see if I can help

I have introduced some flexible plans and pricing to adjust to your requirements in this challenging period. Please book a free evaluation call here to discuss your situation and to see whether I might be of help in effectively getting you through to the other side of this world changing pandemic.

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