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ADHD Courses

Breaking down your ADHD

My plan is to offer a number of modular courses under the umbrella title of “Breaking down your ADHD” that can be purchased separately or as a complete library. The concept is to explore specific areas of issue for ADHD adults in depth. We will break them down to understand the complex interplay of ADHD emotions, thoughts, feelings, reward, time, motivation and drive. Once we have brioken down the complexity we can the build a plan to help your overcome your challenges. This is a self-coaching approach that you can work on alone, or better yet with a helpful friend or coach. The planned series of courses includes:

  • procrastination – available soon!

  • sleep

  • study

  • work

  • planning

  • diagnosis

Self coaching programme

Understand, accept and embrace your ADHD

Breaking down your ADHD

is a

highly interactive and engaging programme:

breaking down the causes

creating a plan

testing and reviewing

 celebrating success

Breaking down procrastination – available soon!

The first “Breaking down” course is shortly available titled “Breaking down procrastination”.

An overwhelming majority of ADHD adults see procrastination as the worst aspect of their ADHD, confirmed here in my poll “What is the worst aspect of your ADHD?”.

Curiously procrastination is not part of the diagnosis criteria for ADHD, nor is it formerly considered a key part of ADHD by the psychiatric profession, but then what do they know! There are research projects that find only weak correlation between ADHD and procrastination such as this:  However ask anyone with ADHD or any experienced specialist who helps adults with ADHD and almost all will emphatically state that procrastination is the number one issue that results in adverse life outcomes with ADHD.

This is my experience as well in coaching over 400 ADHD adults with over 10,000 hours helping them overcome this most complex and intractable of issues. Personally it is my life experience too, somewhat ironically it has taken me at least five years to complete the procrastination module. I hope the effort was worth it.

The course aims to  help you break down your procrastination to the many elements that play a part in your choosing to do something else rather than the task that would most help you, Once you figure out the unique and specific elements that are holding you back from completing a specific task the course will help you ti. Thp the balance and increase the probability so that you can get started and maintain you efforts.

Click below to review the course objectives and chapters, and to purchase it soon, don’t procrastinate!

Still in development