Looking forward to speaking with you

The best way to judge a coach is to speak with them. I’m ADHD, so I am no good at calling back or voice-mail. Prices are given here.

  • Please be aware that I have a waiting list of one to two months at the moment
  • Book a 30 minute phone appointment with me below.
  • You’ll receive a confirmation email immediately (with my phone no) and a reminder email a few hours before
  • On the call, be prepared to briefly discuss your work/life situation and the key challenges you wish to overcome
  • I will feedback on where I can help and how coaching would work
  • Remember – You Call Me at appropriate time

I look forward to speaking soon.



  • don’t call just for advice, if you would like a consultation call please email me
  • don’t book for someone else, if they can’t book themselves then they are not ready to coach

Waiting list

I currently have a waiting list for coaching – please expect a delay of one to two months to get started. Sorry but I am coaching as many clients as I can. Do book an evaluation call if a short delay to coaching is okay.