Book review – thoughts on overcoming writers-block and procratsination

“The War of Art: Break through the Blocks and Win your Inner Creative Battles” is written by screenwriter Steven Pressfield,  author of “The Legend of Bagger Vance”. Pressfield looks at writing and the problems of putting words to paper but offers much value on chronic procrastination for people with ADHD –  as Pressfield puts it “Overcoming Resistance”.

Pressfield breaks the book into three sections: in

  • “Resistance: Defining the Enemy” – he identifies Resistance as fear in its endless manifestations. Pressfield demonstrates clearly that he is no stranger to the thoughts that keep the writer from writing
  • “Combatting Resistance: Turning Pro” – he persuades the reader to attack this form of Resistance head-on, to get on with it and do what the inner you is directing the outer you to do
  • “Beyond Resistance: Higher Realm”, he talks of muses, angels, higher intelligences and God

You can still be atheist to connect with the sense of amazement, as Aristotle and other ancients did at the mystery of creative expression, where do ideas come from, where does the spark of unique, original artistic expression come from?

Pressfield tells us to open ourselves to the “muses and angels” – the forces we do not understand – and let our creative thoughts out, rather than keep them inside because of fear.