Book review – no doubting his experience with three ADHD boys

John Taylor, father of three ADHD kids has written a fantastic, kid-friendly book with simple language and a format that welcomes reluctant and easily-distracted readers. This comprehensive guide helps kids know they’re not alone.

The Survival Guide offers practical advice and strategies for taking care of oneself, modifying behaviour, enjoying school, having fun, and dealing (when needed) with doctors, therapists and medication. It includes real-life scenarios, quizzes and help for parents. How can kids diagnosed with ADHD help themselves succeed in school, get along at home and form healthy relationships?

There are eight well defined chapters, from “What is ADHD?” to “Eight Ways to Deal with Strong Feelings” and a glossary helps with clinical vocabulary. There are many pages that can be useful in tracking progress a child’s progress and understanding which traits are most troublesome. Chapter end quizzes reinforce each section in a lighthearted manner. A

John F. Taylor, the author, presents attention issues to the reader as a challenge, but not as an insurmountable obstacle or an excuse for bad behaviour or poor academic performance. Taylor is a PhD and founder of ADD Plus, an organization dedicated to helping individuals and families affected by ADHD.

Taylor spells it out for kids who may get a lot of negative messages. “…Having ADHD doesn’t mean you are stupid, lazy, crazy, bad, or ill. It means that there are some differences in the way your brain works that make you show some ADHD traits.” Buy for your ADHD child now!