Book review – a classic, profound and helpful

Subtitled “The New Psychology of love, Traditional Values and Spiritual Growth”. In this true classic – one of the most widely read and best loved books on spiritual growth – M. Scott Peck, a former clinical psychiatrist shares his client experiences to apply the same kinds of problem solving, processing and relationship building that takes place in psychotherapy but for his reader.

Many adults with ADHD will have spent time in therapy, though non-ADHD-friendly therapists can do more harm than good. This book offers some very aligned perspectives for those of us with ADHD, we never travel the popular road, always seeking and then often disappointed with the alternative road we find ourselves upon.

For many people Peck’s insights and observations remain a constant source of inspiration and guidance in life. It has a home in the hands of therapists, counselors, ministers, teachers, career planners, and others as part of their resources, but is not out of place in the home of anyone who cares about the directions of her or his life. This book is not a therapy manual, but rather a guide to spiritual growth that incorporates therapeutic and psychological principles.

Peck echoes the sentiments of many spiritual directors and leaders through the millennia that spiritual and personal growth are long journeys, not short leaps. It involves dedication and intention, and a willingness to accept risk and change.