Book review – realistic teen advice

Dendy presents advice and expertise on helping ADHD teenagers, based on the latest research and her experience as a parent, teacher, school psychologist and mental health counsellor. The book concerns adolescence, when many teens have a tough emotional time, with hormones, peer pressure and social politics all magnified by ADHD differences.

Whether at school or college, in relationships, socialising, with alcohol and drugs a greater freedoms with less support can make ADHD life much more challenging. This book gives parents comprehensive information on diagnosis (this is a US book), treatment options, behavioural & academic issues, parent involvement and advocacy.

Dendy discusses new findings about the role of executive function problems and how they relate to teenagers difficulties with organisational skills, long-range planning, and staying on task. She advises parents on their role in how to work with schools to find strategies for academic success. A well written and clear guide for parents.