Book review – looks like a university textbook but is in fact a guide to happiness

This is a comprehensive reference of the theory, research, and applications of Positive Psychology (the science of Happiness), for professionals and students in social and behavioural sciences. Lindley and Joseph have done a great job in writing and assembling major international contributors, to cover Applied positive psychology perspective, historical and philosophical foundations, values and choices in pursuit of the good life.

The book explores lifestyle practices for health and well-being and methods and processes for teaching and learning.

Joseph has ensured the book is written in easy to understand lay-persons language. It’s a major tome but is recommended for anybody wanting to help improve clients/patients happiness or apply the practises for themselves.

Positive Psychology in Practice should be on the bookshelf of any credible psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist or life coach, it is on mine – though like most large books, I seem to recall I only reached chapter 3, which is fine I think!