Book review – a welcome alternative approach to 12 step

Subtitled “An Empowering alternative to AA and 12-step Treatment”, this books offers a valuable alternative to AA or the 12-step programs, for people who simply want to end their addictions, get on with life and don’t wish to hear about higher powers and miracles. DeSena’s powerful and liberating book takes a very different approach, to the one-day-at-time “recovering” community of Alcoholics Anonymous. He goes beyond the traditional treatment/recovery mindset, which stresses that the substance abuser’s “deep emotional troubles” are the root cause of their addictions, by showing the reader how to develop emotional security and self-reliance.

He explains that thinking creates emotions/ feelings and offers solid advice, based on empirical evidence, to show how to better manage your thinking. “Once you discover what you’re actually up against, quitting alcohol and other drugs will become a learned skill well within your ability, like learning to ride a bicycle. Yes, you’ll be a bit wobbly at first, but once you’ve learned, it’s over!

There’s no need for daily practice—or one-day-at-a-time recovery”. He shows how to attain a new perspective of your circumstances to achieve healthier, positive emotions that take you through sobriety’s early emotional days, sudden urges, past any tragedies that may befall and onto dealing with life’s ever changing ups and downs. An excellent book, with proven methods used by those who have ended their self-defeating addiction, who now manage their lives and emotions, and live quite happily without addiction.