Book review – keeping your brain healthy

To date, psychiatry has diagnosed mental problems by matching self-described and obvious symptoms to diagnostic lists such as the DSM IV, then prescribes medications on a “try it and see” basis”, as patients with the same symptoms may respond differently to the same medications.

Dr. Daniel Amen is at the forefront of a revolution, finally transforming psychiatry into a science, based on objective diagnosis and testing. He performs SPECT (Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography) scans to identify brain differences in conjunction with standard psychiatric diagnostic tools. Amen shares how brain dysfunctions can be identified by scans and then tests the effectiveness after treatment by looking at an updated scan. He then describes various alternative (non-medicinal) treatments, as well as the indicated medications.

Amen recommends an improved diet, exercise, avoiding sources of brain trauma, improved hydration, reduced stress, avoiding negative thoughts, better sleep, reduced caffeine and alcohol, avoiding aspartame and MSG, eliminating environmental toxins, and reduced TV, video games, computer use, and mobile phone calls & texting. Amen will likely be looked back upon as a leading pioneer in transforming how we treat and help people with different neurologies.