Book review – shared adult ADHD experiences

Sari Solden, ADHD herself, describes how her own absent-mindedness and disorganization have not prevented her from being a successful lecturer and counsellor. She describes the frustrations of four “example” people with ADHD, who struggle with different challenges.

This book is about overcoming ADHD Adult challenges using a three-step approach:

  • focus on the brain
  • then on the self
  • finally on the “self in the world”

Solden recommends seeking help from others for difficult or uninteresting tasks like paperwork or cleaning.

Solden also covers the “grief cycle” of Adults upon discovering they have ADD: relief in finally identifying the reason for life-long problems and differences, upset and anxiety because a diagnosis naturally brings with it a change in self-image, frustration with the long delay in diagnosis and with working through the partial treatments available, learning to cope with ADD, building a new identity and life whilst putting the past and the present into context.