Book review – help from the developer of the Hunter-Farmer theory of ADHD

My favourite writer and speaker on ADHD, Thom Hartmann, proposer of the Hunter/Farmer theory of ADHD, writes about using NLP to help with ADHD struggles. The book is accessible and readable, and the mental exercises presented can be extremely effective at reducing the severity of their symptoms, although persistence may be required!

Hartmann has an extremely engaging writing style, and persuades the reader to take action in very effective manner, inspiring the reader to perform the exercises he outlines. Not always an easy task with ADHD people. Hartmann’s descriptions and exercises are attractive, practical and “real-world”.

Healing ADD is about healing – coming to terms with what ADHD means in this world, learning new ways to function and position yourself in the world, and recovering from the traumas that virtually every person with ADHD carries.