Book review – I was stuck and Don helped me get unstuck

In “Getting Unstuck – Unravelling the Knot of Depression, Attention and Trauma”, Don Kerson considers a very real situation, ADHD adults get stuck. For many ADHD adults their primary challenge is not focus or planning but procrastination.

But procrastination is greatly misunderstood in the context of ADHD, over-simplified as explained fear of failure or inability to plan. Why avoid a task you wish to complete and would enjoy executing? In ADHD procrastination, is slippery and complex, we can put off tasks we love as well as ones we hate. Procrastination creates far more serious problems than a messy kitchen and incomplete tax returns – getting stuck is soul destroying.

In this breakthrough book, Don Kerson M.D. (psychotherapist and pharmacologist) argues that adults with ADHD “get stuck” – unable to move forward in their lives, mired by depression, past trauma and an inability to imagine their future. Kerson shares his approach in getting people’s lives moving again, by tackling their ADHD, depression and dissociation.

He recommends several visualisation and hypno-therapeutic integration exercises and meditation in this unique approach to deal with devastating issue. A very helpful book.