Book review – ignore the Ritalin part, fascinating guide to neuro-feedback

The book subtitle is the interesting part: “How Neurofeedback Can Successfully Treat ADD without Drugs”, as I don’t subscribe to Drs Hill and Castro’s premise that Ritalin and stimulants are addictive, dangerous and should not be used help ADHD children.

The interesting discussion is on EEG Biofeedback/Neurofeedback, dietary management, chemicals/toxin avoidance and allergy treatment. Neurofeedback continues to tantalise with prospects of drug-free long term cure or at least change but the unfortunate truth is that still little conclusive studies exist and the treatment is often prolonged and expensive. Since the book was published new brain-stimulation products that send an electrical change into the brain and frontal lobes to stimulate activity have arrived and are offering new advances.

There is discussion on how diet can have a profound effect on behaviour and ADHD. Hill and Castor explain how allergies affect mood and deficiencies can impact focus and attention too. Overall this thorough book offers sound advice on the healthy ways to manage ADHD, from behavioural modification to diet.