Book review – some very ADHD-like advice in this awesome short book

Mark Forster offers advice on time management that is amazingly tuned to the traits of ADHD. It seems that Forster does not realise that many of the people with the disorganised issues he mentions are most likely ADHD – struggling with weak executive functions of poor motivation, planning and procrastination. It doesn’t matter though as Forster aims to help the “disorganised” take control of their working day and learn to achieve what they set out to.

Forster, a leading Life Coach, focuses on motivation to improve productivity, using experimentally validated techniques, such as: don’t wait to put in new systems until you’ve dealt with the backlog, you never will. He shoots down the two cornerstones of traditional time management, the “to do” list and prioritising by importance and urgency.

His belief is that we crave completion, to-do lists where we add new items all the time are “never completed”. Forster’s solution is to create a list of items to do tomorrow, and then draw a line under those items. If you complete everything above the line, you’ve succeeded. Things may arise during the day but they are added below the line and if possible take a lower priority than completing the items above the line, that you wrote yesterday.

Perfect for ADHD time management, put it on your list to buy tomorrow!