Book review – surely better to handle the cause than treat the symptom

Our Western-Medicine oriented-World sometimes leads us to believe that only the drug companies, GPs and Psychiatrists hold the keys to health. This is to deny clear evidence that different more natural forms of medicine bring benefits, whether from the past, from other parts of the World and or from alternative approaches.

The book lists almost every type of therapy known to cure depression, where available Baumel sites academic research and tells us whether it’s an uncontrolled or controlled study. The approach is to read the therapy, see if it matches your symptoms, decide whether you’re willing to make the commitment, “am I prepared to take St John’s Wort for two months” and then to try it. He includes supplement dosages and length of time needed to see results.

This book is a great start to further research on alternate therapies such as St. John’s Wort, Vitamin B6 and light therapy and to methodically find a solution that works for you whilst avoiding the negative side-effects of many prescribed medications.