Book review – Dr Brown is a world leader in ADHD research

Not a great fan of the title “Attention Deficit Disorder: the Unfocused Mind in Children and Adults”, since our many of us with ADHD focus very well, just not on the right things! Dr Brown presents perhaps the clearest and most accurate model of the executive dysfunction model, broken down into six categories of

  1. Organising, prioritizing and activating to work
  2. Focussing, sustaining and shifting attention to tasks
  3. Regulating alertness, sustaining and processing speed
  4. Managing frustration and regulating emotions
  5. Utilising working memory and accessing recall
  6. Monitoring and self-regulating action.

A clear, readable and practical book, with information on how to recognize and treat the disorder. The book draws on recent findings in neuroscience and case histories from his clinical practice.