Book review – so much more than organising, one of my Top 3 on ADHD

In “Strategies that Work from a Professional Organizer and a Renowned ADD Clinician”  Judith Kolberg & Kathleen Nadeau offer fantastic techniques to help with ADHD organisation but surprisingly produce one of my three favorite guides to ADHD.

Nadeau is a psychologist and author of dozen titles on ADD/ADHD already and suffuses the guide with understanding and insight. Not only  a really helpful practical guide for home and work, but a guide to effectively living life with ADHD. Many books on organizing strategies spend pages defining the problem and then offer only brief and sadly obvious advice like “ADHD people need structure.”

“ADD-friendly ways to organize” gives simple practical advice on how to simplify and structure your life, not only to maintain order but to reach your goals without becoming overwhelmed and giving up in frustration. It suggests implementing maintenance strategies first before gaining the strength to tackle the chaos to get out from under.

There is a lot more to this book than organisation and it is a great insightful guide to ADD highlighting many traits that other books fail to mention.