Book review – what’s happening in there

In a “A User’s Guide to the Brain – Perception, Attention and the Four Theaters of the Brain”, John J. Ratey writes a technical book that provides a great background on the brain’s physiology, the majority of brain function, the pathology and problems that may occur to brain regions.

Ratey explains that the brain plays the key role in many disorders previously considered psychological in origin but also explains how drugs are not the only way to cure disorders of the brain.

The book is quite concise and well structured, each chapter begins with an account of a real person’s perceptual difficulties, the problems these caused in their daily lives because of misdiagnosis and their eventual relief once the real cause was recognized – a physical malfunction in the brain. Ratey then explores how the brain works with regard to the problems described.

A fascinating book if your have an interest in the human mind and human behaviour.