Who designed and built the website?

Well actually, now that you so kindly ask, it’s my own work. I designed, created and wrote everything on this website and it took me far too long!

I needed a smart phone friendly site, as my old site looked rubbish with pinch-zooming to see anything. Google had down-graded the site in search results, not good news when most of my clients come from internet searches.

I started with a new logo, created with an internet mini-competition at a design company call 99designs. I love the growing DNA flower design from hugrafik, that you see above. To me it symbolises developing from who you are, from your genetic roots, to grow into a better you.

I had some experience with WordPress, as I had made this MadTudors blog with my daughter years a few years ago. WordPress  is the biggest and most supported blogging platform, it made sense. I looked for a theme, an easier way of designing your website in a particular style. After a terrible support experience with my initial choice, I carefully chose instead the most popular theme called Avada. Their support is great and it has proved flexible and elegant.

The design and setup of the new site was completed in true ADHD fashion: five months of inactive contemplation, one month of panicked hyper-focused work, then three more months finishing it off in a perfectionist haze – before I launched it! I do hope you find it clear, easy to navigate and engaging.


  • I use “ADHD” to stand for: ADD, AD/HD, Attention deficit disorder, minimal brain dysfunction, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • I am ADHD, I do not have ADHD. ADHD is not an illness, it affects my entire personality and outlook on life
  • All the images on this site come from Pixabay who offer a free to commercial reuse licence, thanks very much to all the photographers who have allowed me to share their great pictures with you