Help for adults with ADHD

SimplyWellbeing was established in 2006, to help adults with ADHD enjoy health, happiness and wellbeing. It’s managed by me, Andrew Lewis, the admin, bookings and payments are managed by Jane Medley. We work with and at times refer to a number of great psychiatrists, therapists and specialists.

Whether you were diagnosed in childhood, just recently or are still not sure if you are ADHD, SimplyWellbeing can help you:

  • Adults just figuring out they are ADHD, through diagnosis and medication.
  • Students unable to focus and always late to study and write essays
  • ADHD Adults who need help to move job or career, maybe set up that new business
  • Employers wanting to help an ADHD employee
  • Clients wishing to make life changes to better manage their ADHD
  • Conferences/talks looking for a non-medical perspective on ADHD

My help is through ADHD coaching and in providing this site packed full of helpful information resources and our blog insights .