For the simplest and tastiest vegetables

Our understanding of food has changed a lot in the last decades.

The old food pyramids had many errors and inaccuracies, particularly with carbohydrates. We really don’t need much if really any pasta, rice, bread or pizza in our diet at all.

The essential elements are vegetables, fibres, oils and proteins. Sugar and white flour (almost sugar) are killers. Red meats and preserved meats (bacon, ham, sausages) in particular increase your chance of bowel cancer. Better to eat white meats – chicken, eggs and fish – but still in moderation. A vegetarian diet is healthier yet. Fruits are good but sweet, so veg beats fruit overall, but you want both in a colourful and constantly changing diet. Simple.

 Green shift

I have a family history of ulcerative colitis and bowel cancer. I have had IBS for years. I have significantly shifted my diet to eat no wheat, fewer carbs and more far more vegetables. It has really helped a lot.

I love vegetables more and more. I am always disappointed when I eat out in a restaurant how little attention is paid to vegetables, often a token gesture on the side.

I aim for half my plate to be vegetables.

Steaming – tastiest and healthiest

Steaming vegetables is simply the easiest, laziest and healthiest way to cook them. Steaming retains more nutrients and vitamins than boiling. You can absentmindedly forget your vegetables and the steamer will turn itself off, keeping them warm but not over cooking. Since the only ingredient cooked is vegetables, the steamer never gets dirty and only takes a moment to clean.

I love crisp, just cooked vegetables, particularly flavoursome organic vegetables, cooked without effort – perfect ADHD cooking.