Migration is growing across the World

Moving for safety, food and money

This music video is composed/programmed by Brian Foo. It based on United Nations data from 1975 to 2012. It really gives a profound sense how our world is changing, the extraordinary growth and movements of populations.

The recent Syrian migrations, driven in part by global warming, are a wake up call to governments to pay more attention to the great population movements that will come from population growth, inequality and rising seas levels. We need international agreements on migration to help manage refugees around the world, preferably without building walls. But the migration trend is definitely upwards.

On another note it is kind of amazing, that such art and craft as this video is delivered to us for free over internet. The web has a profound influence in our seeing the world as one place, we are more connected internationally than ever before. The artificial divisions of national borders and countries, seem increasingly archaic and unhelpful.

This video and the visual impact of change and migration on people's lives stayed with me long after watching…

ADHD Coach, Andrew Lewis

Andrew Lewis

Andrew Lewis is an ADHD Coach, writer and founder of SimplyWellbeing. He has over 10,000 hours and 15 years of experience in coaching hundreds of ADHD executives, business professionals and creatives, and previously running a large ADHD support group and an ADHD diagnostic clinic. His business expertise comes from a twenty years career in software, from programming, through marketing, sales and running a few start-ups. His ADHD insight is personal, with decades understanding his own ADHD experience and in bringing up his ADHD daughter. He has published his writing primarily via this website, with interactive ADHD courses in development.


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