A model of ADHD based on the experience of being ADHD

I have felt the medical models of ADHD to be fundamentally flawed as the fail to explore the experience of ADHD. Sometimes they attribute our decisions and actions as if they are without volition, and without rationale, driven merely by lack of inhibition or of dopamine shortcomings. These models imply that ADHD is by necessity a problem and a shortcoming when it is absolutely and abundantly clear that at times, in the right circumstances the different way our ADHD minds work can produce results, projects, humour, businesses and ideas that are elevated above the norm, the neuro-typical. As an example it is hard to see there is not an extraordinary corellation, most likely causation between comedy, invention, and entrepreneurship and ADHD.

Here is a video giving my more integrated, experienced based perspective of ADHD. There is a full, illustrated written explanation of the model here.