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Book ADHD coach evaluation call - for Q


Book ADHD coach evaluation call - for Q

The best way to judge a coach is to speak with them. I'm ADHD, so I am no good at calling backhonestly even if I had nothing to do, weeks might pass before I returned your call. 

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I look forward to speaking soon

No immediate availability, join my waiting list

Hi, I currently have such a long waiting list for coaching that I have had to temporarily stop taking evaluation calls. I don't wish to set your expectations high, when it will be many months before we can start. I really am sorry. Clients often wish to coach for long periods, sometimes years. There are only so many hours in my week and they are all full for the moment.

Please add your name and email to this waiting list by completing the form below - I promise I won't use your information for anything else. Feel free to email to get a status update at: [email protected]. If  you cannot wait to coach then there are other ADHD coaches listed here at:, or you could try a google search like this:

Best wishes, Andrew

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