Random notes on a happier ADHD life

Here’s ten ways to build a better ADHD life:

  1. Organise just enough to achieve your goals, you only need to figure out your next step
  2. Spend your time doing what you enjoy and you are good at
  3. Dump the tough stuff, with automation or delegation
  4. Find a way to be creative and to produce your unique designs, solutions or outcomes
  5. Work out who gives good advice from the people you know and take it, but avoid dementors
  6. Ensure you stay in contact with your close friends, set a time each week to think of friends
  7. Choose positive over negative, as negativity leads to inaction, run your life with your positive side
  8. Avoid perfectionism and make sure what you does is simply “good enough for purpose”
  9. Help yourself get a good nights sleep to avoid sleep deprived ADHD
  10. Figure out what matters by practising gratitude, guaranteed to make you happier

Insights on ADHD strategies

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