Coaching for learning, writing,  reviewing and planning

  • plan your term time routine
  • review essay structure and narrative
  • consider deadlines and preparation
  • build motivation and drive
  • better manage sleep routine
  • achieve right study/life balance
  • harness your right-brain thinking
  • manage working-memory shortfalls
  • figure out career options

Despite my personal university challenges, I have coached over forty ADHD/ADD students from undergrads to PhDs – some for the full degree duration. My experience is that coaching can significantly help an ADHD student at university. ADHD/ADD coaching will help you set routines, consider and plan long term study and writing, resolve structure in essays, improve your sleep routines, reduce overwhelm and stress, and significantly improve grades.

ADHD student support

We simply break down the problem and figure out a new, ADHD-friendly approach to fix it. For most ADHD university students creating a new routine or habit is the objective. We pay attention to your time. In our coaching we:

  • review deadlines and work on weekly structure
  • discuss essays quite often at depth to work it all out aloud
  • determine the best time and place for a task – Starbucks or the library for revision?
  • work on having as healthy mind as possible, whether meds, diet, sleep or exercise
  • consider how you best study, in lecture, reading, what kind of notes to take
  • discuss tools like mind-maps, to turn connected thoughts into linear essays

Our focus is your study, but being ADHD/ADD we’ll probably cover medication, sleep, diet and personal life to – it’s up to you.  Book an intro call to see if ADHD coaching might help you.

Disabled Students Allowance funding

In England and Wales there is funding available for students, known as the disabled students allowance is you are in part or full-time higher education. Talk with the university disability unit for direction and support in figuring it out, or check the website here Disabled Students Allowance. In other countries there may be grants or bursaries available.