Coaching for friendship, relationships, health and happiness

  • balance work and play
  • keeping on top of finances
  • sort out night-time routines
  • shrink in-basket
  • get the most from medication
  • techniques to not forget
  • enhance personal relationships
  • make real progress
  • improve your wellbeing

ADHD affects every aspect of our lives, from our bedtime habits to our philosophy, from what we eat to our punctuality, from what we hope and wish for  – to our drive to be creative and original. ADHD becomes a problem when “the world” demands too much upon your weaknesses:

  • stuck in a job with too much admin and process
  • working on your business, without deadlines or people to interact with
  • in a relationship where your partner is upset and frustrated with you
  • at university failing to study with deadlines too far on the horizon

Outside work ADHD can affect our friendships, close relationships, parenting, diet, sleep patterns, hobbies, exercise and goals. Friendships need planning, intimate relations may rock our volatile emotions, night-owl sleep can disrupt health, and children need controlling and organising.

Coaching is not only about strategies, sometimes is about figuring out your priorities, resolving how to help your ADHD child or bringing more gratitude into your life. You direct our coaching, but our aim is to help you resolve issues, make progress and improve your wellbeing.