Maximising the potential of your ADHD employees

Executive ADHD Coaching

Executives and professionals with ADHD may number amongst your most valued employees. In the right position, with the right objectives and responsibilities ADHD employees can shine: entrepreneurial, creative, maverick problem-solvers who lead with insight, passion, and humour. The reality is that many ADHD professionals may unduly struggle with aspects of their role, like administration and process. There may be issues with work style that causes concern: informal management style; punctuality, deadlines; prioritization, direct/passionate manner; focus on the big-picture at expense of detail.

Expert ADHD business coaching

At SimplyWellbeing we can coach your staff to overcome work difficulties and to maximize their ADHD business potential. We can combine the objectives of both business and employee, to create a coaching program that resolves employee issues and helps your executive or professional employee optimize their work and maximize their potential. We have:

  • twenty years in business professional, management, and executive roles, from IBM to startups
  • ten years coaching ADHD entrepreneurs, executives and business professionals
  • coached executive and management employees at KPMG, Axa, Vodafone, NHS, Virgin…

Access to Work

If you are diagnosed ADHD and live and work in the UK, you may be entitled to Access to Work funding.

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