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ADHD business consulting

How many of your employees, managers and executives have ADHD? In a major survey, Fayyad et al, in 2007, screened over 11 thousand adults, across ten countries in the Americas, Europe and the Middle East. Their conservative estimate of adult ADHD, at 4.2% in higher-income countries, suggests nearly one in twenty employees is ADD/ADHD.

With over 4 out of 100 employees ADHD, how are you helping them maximise their potential?

Hidden costs, wasted opportunity

With an abundance of research on naughty ADHD boys in school, there has been next to no research on adult ADHD in the workplace. Yet there are very real challenges for an ADHD executive or business professional.

Critical ADHD issues with memory, focus, organisation and time management can make productivity suffer. Deadlines may be missed. Issues can develop. Detrimental relationships with managers/HR can develop. Perhaps no one realises that ADHD is the problem. If the professional knows they are ADHD they may be reluctant to admit this, for fear of consequence. Even if ADHD is openly discussed no one may understand how best to help.

For each unsupported ADHD employee there is a wasted cost, a less than effective professional. If the problems continue unchecked there may be wasted management time and HR time in handling the fallout. There is lost potential too, in a valuable employee failing to reach their potential and for the organization in failing to take advantage of a highly creative, original, multi-skilled, problem solving mind.

ADHD business consulting

SimplyWellbeing can share the latest scientific ADHD research, but more critically real world experience educating, supporting and specifically coaching hundreds of ADHD professionals to maximise their potential in business. Andrew Lewis has

  • Twenty years in business professional, management and executive roles, from IBM to start-ups
  • Ten years coaching ADHD entrepreneurs, executives and business professionals
  • Business coaching provided to executive and management employees in organisations from KPMG, Vodafone, NHS, Axa, Virgin…

We can help your organisation establish inclusive neurodiverse policies, that help you maximise the potential and value from your ADHD executives, management and business professionals.

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