ADHD coaching funded for 3 to 6 months

ADHD Business Challenges

What is Access to Work?

If you are diagnosed ADHD, live in Great Britain, and you are either in work, run your own business or are about to start work – you may well be entitled to fully funded ADHD coaching. The money comes from a government disability scheme known as Access to Work – AtW scheme. AtW provides practical advice and support to help you overcome work-related obstacles. It can award grants towards extra employment costs, like ADHD coaching that can help you develop effective work habits and routines to overcome your ADHD challenges.

Access to Work is a general scheme for disability, so the remit includes readers for somebody with visual impairment, a specialist job coach, a helper for personal care needs at work, specialist equipment and alterations to your working environment to make it more accessible.

Do I qualify for AtW assistance?

You can get support if you are (1) disabled (Equality Act 2010, includes ADHD diagnosis) or have a health condition that impacts your ability to work, (2) aged 16 or over, and (3) live in Great Britain. You must be employed, self-employed,  about to start employment, about to start work-experience or need help for a job interview.

How much will Access to Work cover?

If you have been in your job for 6 weeks or more and your employer has less than 50 staff, Access to Work can pay 100% of the approved costs. If the employer has 50-249 staff, the employer pays the initial £500 and Access to Work pays up to 80%, if over 250+ staff the employer pays first £1,000 and Access to Work pays 80%Funding is capped at £41,400 in 2016, so should be more than adequate for ADHD coaching requirements.

AtW is available even if you are self-employed or about to start work – at 100% funding. If you are unemployed and starting a new job, working for an employer for less than six weeks, self-employed, setting up your own business through the New Enterprise Allowance, or a graduate/undergraduate and need help for a job interview, up to 100% of the approved costs can be funded. So even before an interview, you could potentially get ADHD coaching to help with preparation for your interview, and then as you start your new job.

Help is available whatever work you do (or business you run!)

Though relatively unknown, Access to Work typically funds from three to six months of ADHD coaching. There is no restriction based on your earnings or on the type of work you do. AtW funds are available whether you are a doctor, running your own business, a manager in a corporate or starting a new job. There is some paperwork, but not too much.

You need a documented medical ADHD diagnosis. Access to Work funding may involve disclosing your ADHD to your employer. There may be consequences from disclosure, only you can judge but your employer is legally required to NOT discriminate if you have a disability like ADD/ADHD. Consider also the risk of doing nothing, is your bonus, your promotion, your career or even your job in danger? Whether to disclose is not always an easy decision but done successfully can get the changes you need at work and help you overcome ADHD challenges to be successful in business.

Be aware of payment delay…

You will have to set up regular monthly payments, paid in advance with SimplyWellbeing. Since Access to Work claims are made in arrears you or your company will have to pay SimplyWellbeing before you receive funding from Access to Work. This can be made by personal or company credit card or electronic payment. Further your claims involve time-sheets submitted to Access to Work, so you must ensure you can do this on time –  AtW are strict about timings!

How do I claim?

Contact Access to Work by calling: 0345 268 8489. Further details on the claim process can be found at Jobcentre Plus office has further advice and application forms.

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Good luck with your claim.