Book review – using philosophical thinking in therapy

Wise Therapy is an interesting and I think low-volume selling book and may not be available on Amazon but I wanted to include it here. LeBon is a therapist who uses philosphy with his clients to help them define better perspectives and narratives of their lives – and I like this uncommon approach.

Socrates would say in the squares of Athens: “The only I thing I know is that I know nothing at all”. Socrates showed thinkers of his time that though they thought they understood what “justice, happiness and goodness” meant, their understandings were tied to personal agendas and world views, and often contradicted themselves.

Tim Lebon is a therapist and chairman of the UK’s Society for Philosophy in Practice. He brings ideas and thoughts of philosphy into his therapy sessions, for “those who have tried other kinds of therapy, and want something more cerebral”. The wisdom of ancient and modern philosophers was designed to have a practical as well as theoretical value. LeBon uses this wisdom to help shift peoples perceptions with a selection of philosophic concepts. In this short book he skilfully explains complex concepts, though perhaps more for the professional therapist than as a self-help volume.