Book review – a comprehensive guide to DIY health

“The Mind Body Bible: Your Personalised Prescription for Total Health” by Dr Mark Atkinson is a significant development in integrating approaches to health, medicine, healing and wellbeing. Atkinson shares his extensive knowledge in a clear, consistent and approachable manner. The book has questionnaires for the reader to assess their health situation in a way that makes the theory relevant and a fantastic reference section.

A great open-minded complementary, alternative and integrated book that offers a sound approach to wellbeing. It is clear that Western medicine is finally catching up with complimentary medicine to realise the major interplay between digestion, toxins, mood, neurotransmitters and gut bacterial balance.  Science shows that depressed patients feel pain more acutely, IBS can be helped by antidepressants and studies are linking bulimia and ADHD. Increasingly links are being made with the body’s biome, the bacterial and fungal flora that we live with in symbiosis, that’s 4kg of bacteria in your gut and essential to digestion and immunity. Research is finding links with “bad gut bacteria” with problems such as depression and obesity.

It is clear, but not yet to what extent, Antibiotics, pesticides, artificial sweeteners lay a part in our adversely affecting mental wellbeing. In understanding our bodies we can help our brains be as healthy and as functional as possible, and this book is a fantastic bible on understanding the full picture of health. I have no doubt that a healthy body helps with having a functional and happy brain.