Book review – lose the negative bias in your life and focus on strengths

Subtitled “The Breakthrough Program to End negative Behaviour and Feel Great Again”, was originally published in 1993 and is the popular book version of the authors’ research on schema theory, a refreshingly different approach than the standard cognitive/behavioural approaches to depression, anxiety and personality disorders.

Young helps you to identify limiting patterns or life traps (schemas) that originated in childhood and adolescence. Are you extremely anxious in social settings? Do you worry unrealistically about your health? Do you feel that you are worthless or incompetent? Do you become upset when someone close to you disagrees with you? Do you get involved with people who abuse you?

These and many other patterns are covered in this book, along with a method (using detailed questionnaires) for identifying and resolving/ healing these traps. The author assists you in challenging these limiting patterns via various cognitive, behavioural, and experiential strategies. An insightful and revealing approach.