Book review – brilliant insights from a successful ADHD coach, one of my Top 3 on ADHD

This book is one of my three top books on ADHD. I recommend it often to friends and coaching clients, as it aligns so closely with my philosophy too. Jennifer Koretsky, an ADHD Adult Coach, explores the ways in which ADD can be both challenging for adults who struggle to fit into a world that doesn’t always fit them, and ADHD can be rewarding, offering remarkable advantages.

Koretsky explores the 5 skills for managing ADD – from breaking the “cycle of overwhelm” to “taking control of space and time”, based upon her personal experiences and stories from her clients. A very readable, personal and sometimes funny book, packed with informative advice, strategies and motivation for adults with ADD to live happily and successfully by “breaking the rules”.

The tools are effective, I particularly like “Live Out Loud” where she explains what you need to do to live the authentic you by embracing rather than fighting your ADHD.