Book review – finally someone bringing objectivity to ADHD diagnosis and treatment

In “Healing ADD – The Breakthrough Program that Allows you to See and Heal the 6 Types of ADD”, Daniel Amen writes from the forefront of a revolution in neuroscience and psychiatry. Dr. Amen uses objective scientific methods to determine differences in the brain, as opposed to diagnosing from symptom lists like the American Psychiatric Association’s DSM V.

Dr Amen uses a nuclear imaging technique called “Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography” (SPECT) to observe differences in the brains of people with ADHD. To date he has performed over 40,000 studies and has classified six distinct types of ADHD, with different characteristics and requiring a different treatments.

Amen brings more precision to the care of the ADHD patient and explores the biological (diet, exercise, medication), psychological (personal coaching to psychotherapy), and social support (parenting and school strategies) needed to heal each type of ADHD.

A thorough and thankfully more scientific approach to understanding ADHD, than offered by most observational medical ADHD “science” to date. Amen makes intelligent recommendations for prescription drugs, nutritional therapy, cognitive programming, parenting and education strategies, biofeedback and self-hypnosis.