Book review – heavy on science, light on insight

In “ADHD in Adults: What the Science Says”, heavy-weight experts Russell Barkley, Kevin Murphy & Mariellen Fischer give a comprehensive overview of the current state of medical knowledge of ADHD.

Russell Barkley is one of the leading scientists researching ADHD, who is somewhat fixated on the view that nothing good comes from ADHD. He argues strongly for his “disorder model” and seemingly disregards any evidence of positive ADD traits. If you can accept the author’s very negative tone there is a lot of valuable information up to date science contained within.

The book analyses findings from two major studies and presents the results on the significant impairments produced by the disorder across many areas including education, work, relationships, health, behaviours and mental health.

The book covers treatment implications of these findings and demonstrates that current diagnostic criteria do not accurately reflect the way ADHD is experienced by adults, and outlines improved criteria based on executive function deficits.